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Afghan Translation Association

Afghan Translation Association (ATA) founded in 2003, the ATA is, perhaps, one of the experienced professional entities representing the interests of translation in the country. We offer language translation services for corporate clients and individuals all over the country. All services are performed by a powerful team of experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and quality assurance managers with a solid professional background. We aim at translation of texts from English to Pashto, Dari and Uzbek (vice versa). The association is happy to follow a translation oriented noble objective. We have a lot of native speaking translators in-house. The translators should be native speakers of the target language. This is the most important factor. The work should be proof read by a second translator. Proof reading is important in the original text, so it is important in the translation as well. Experience, There is no substitute for it! If possible, choose a company that specializes in your particular languages and document types. Different nations could come together to share opinions, and exchange views on different things through translation/interpretation as a mean of understanding and chatting. ATA offers the national and international organization in Afghanistan better facility in the field of translation/interpretation services.The association offers its customers with an unique translation facility in various subjects such as, books, chapters, manuals and reports, subjects of seminars, website localization, and web logs and so on from and in to English, Pashto, Dari and Uzbek. In this field what we more focus are the authentic of the translation and delivering it on time.We offer accurate, fast and reliable professional translation services. From small NGOs to large international organizations, we are your strategic English, Pashto, Dari and Ubzek translation partner providing you an end-to-end solution for your needs in the aforementioned languages.

Our Team/Afghan Translation Association

Pashto Translator

Zahid Othmani

Dari Translator

Sadiq Fazely

We provide a wide range of translation value-added services tailored to meet your specific needs. The following are the organizations and offices we provide translations for them:
World Bank, DGCI, Semantic Translators, Mercy Corps Int., UNOCHA, Aria Medica, AZYM Consultancy, Terre Des Hommes (TDH), AFGA,  UNDP, Internews, USAID, ACTED Int. Teacher Training Department, Ministry of Higher Educaiton, subtitling the Bozkashi Boys film, Ministry of Finance, CPA, CTAP, IFC, Hill & Knowlton, FHI/USWDP, CIDA, Afghanistan National Radio & TV (RTA), MSOFT Technologies, UNDA, GIPIG-AF, Breshna Mosesa, Ministry of Women Affairs, IWPR, etc.

How Much To Pay

Prices do vary a little, but generally they are fairly standard. Remember that you can get a poor quality translation for free, so it would be silly to pay for one! Do not choose a company purely because of the price they offer. It is far better to choose a company because of the quality they provide.The translators we use have passed our strict standards. We follow a 4-step translation process starting with initial translation, proofreading the translation where a second set of language experts reviews the document for accuracy, consistency and readability, editing where our in-house professionals once again review for layout details and finally the quality control check where our quality assurance department reviews the completed document with a fine-toothed comb before sending it back to the client.